Going Live


We are excited to announce that the 3dfinder.com is now live and ready to be used. The3dfinder.com have partnered Vagler, a 3D printer manufacturer, to launch the site. We are now looking for the 3D printing community to advertise their services on the site for free.

We are not a bureau service. Our aim is too let the community decide when, where and how you wish to print product. The idea of The3DFinder.com is to allow people to search for product, designers, scanners, finishers and printers to find a local solution at the best possible price.

Use the site to find people local to you that offer services that you require. 3D printing is all about the now, not waiting weeks to get products or services. the partners/users of our site can find instant results locally and that is what makes us different from a bureau service. To us this makes perfect sense.

You yourself can become a brand owner, bureau, scanner, designer and share your knowledge and skills with the wider 3D printing community.

We hope you like the site and we look forward to welcoming you to the world of The3DFinder.com

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