Why buy a 3D printer when you can use a service?


This looks like a good idea to me while you wait for 3D printer prices to drop.

Question is, how many models will you really make and is purchasing a printer worth it?
Buying one now that will seem slow and outdated in 12 months perhaps a bad idea.
Remember those early laser printer with 300dpi resolution. I bought one and it was very expensive.

Staples is to begin offering 3D printing services to the public from early next year.

The 3D printing service, called Staples Easy 3D, will provide low-cost colour 3D printing, and builds on the technology services already offered by the office supplies company.

In order to get 3D printouts, customers will need to upload digital copies of their designs to the Staples Office Centre website and pick up their printed products from nearby Staples stores or get them delivered.

Staples will use the IRIS 3D printer or the Matrix 300+ from Irish company Mcor to print the designs.

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