About Us

The3DFinder.com began life many years ago. Through our love of design, making and selling product and a strong interest in new technology a group of us got together to look at ways we can take the best bits of an online 3D Bureau service and open it up to a wider community.

The3DFinder.com is a marketplace that is all about choice. It lets the consumer decide who they want to work with. It allows the bedroom maker to compete with the larger companies in the 3D world

The3DFinder.com allows companies or individuals to promote their brand and or services through a wide range of searches on the website.

Yes we know that marketplaces exist that allow file sharing for free, we love that, we know it works to keep the community together. As more and more mainstream customers enter the 3D printed world it’s time for the 3D community to monetise their designs, put their printers to commercial use, or create brands that can be sold back to retail (just send us an email if this is something you wish to do, we have years of experience selling to retail so if you want to get your brands on the high street we will be able to help)

We are very excited about the possibilities The3DFinder.com offers, we want this to be a fully interactive space for the 3D community, so if you have any comments re the site or just want to get in contact then send us a mail via the contact us page.

Happy selling

The3DFinder.com Team